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This article will help explain some of the changes made in the new CentovaCastv3 Shoutcast v2 servers and answer the question: "Why can't I connect to my Shoutcast v2 CentovaCast v3 server when Auto DJ is disabled?"

Your CentovaCast v3 Shoutcast v2 server has added a few features which can make setting up your encoder a little confusing if you are not aware of the changes. First of all the new Shoutcast v2 now uses a total of 3 ports, unlike Shoutcast v1 which only used 1 port. It was necessary to add these new ports to make the automatic transitions from Live Source to Auto DJ possible.
The 2 ports that are listed on the Quick Links page under Live Source Connections are only to be used if you have activated your CentovaCast v3 Auto DJ. If you are only streaming live and do not wish to use Auto Dj you will need the direct port. You can find that port listed on the Quick Links page as well, but it is listed as part of the link to your Streaming Server Index Page or Shoutcast DNAS Page. (for example This is also displayed on the Overview page as well just under the Account Overview header (for example Overview for host port 8002).

Now that we have explained a few things we hope this helps to clear up any confusion you have. We will be making future tutorials that will walk you through how to set up your SAM Broadcaster Shoutcast v2 Encoders and your SAM Broadcaster Shoutcast v1 Encoders.

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