HTML5 Player Code Generator

What is an HTML5 Player?

An HTML5 Audio Player is a simple and easy way to embed your Internet Radio Station into any web page with ease. HTML5 players are SHOUTcast v1, SHOUTcast v2 and Icecast compatible. Cross browser compatiblity is also a huge factor when choosing what type of player you should use on your internet radio stations web page. An HTML5 player relieves that concern because they are compatible with all of the commonly used browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

How do I use an HTML5 Player?

We can help with that. Our HTML5 Player code generator below is designed to be easy to use. It can be used to generate a simple SHOUTcast v1 HTML5 player, a SHOUTcast v2 HTML5 player or an Iceast HTML5 player.

Simply paste in the URL and IP to your internet radio station below. (example: http://ip:port) Choose the Icecast option if you are using an Icecast server and click the Gererate HTML5 Player Code button. Once the code has been generated, click the text box to copy the code and paste it into any web page.

HTML5 Player Examples

Shoutcas v1 HTML5 Player

Shoutcast v2 HTML5 Player

Icecast HTML5 Player

HTML5 Player Code Generator

This music code generator creates an HTML5 player code based on your input.

Please input the hostname or ip and port to your station source:
(http://ip or hostname:port)
Is this an Icecast server?

Generated player code:

Copy and paste the player code into your web site.

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