How do I set up my Auto DJ in Centova Cast v2?

Setting up your Centova Cast Auto DJ is easier than you think. We have made some step-by-step instructions to help you out.
  1. Go to the downloads section of the Client Area and download Filezilla.
  2. Once installed insert the log in information into Filezilla.
    • Host:your server IP. exapmle: or
    • Username: the same username you use to log into your Centova Cast Control Panel.
    • Password: Your servers administrative password.
    • Leave the port window blank.
    • Click on Quick Connect.
  3. Drag and drop your MP3 files into the location desired.
    • Media Folder is for songs you wish to add to your Auto DJ Playlists.
    • On Demand Folder is for songs that you wish to be available in your On-Demand Widget
    • .
  4. Update your Media Library.
  5. Add song to your playlists.
  6. Start your server.
    • Login to your Centova Cast v2 control panel
    • Click on the Start Server option.

If you have any problems getting started we will be happy to help just let us know.

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