How to setup a SHOUTcast v2 Authhash

The new YP2 directory infrastructure requires an authorisation key or authhash. The autohash is what the YP2 infrastructure use to validate your server when it tries to connect any of the station(s) you run. It is valid for all root servers of the station being broadcast. Multiple authorisation keys can be used when broadcasting the same stream content at different bitrates. This will ensure that they appear separately in the SHOUTcast Directory. MP3 and AAC+ formats are listed separetly in the SHOUTcast Directory automatically. This tutorial will walk you though "How to set up your Shoutcast v2 Autohash".

How to setup your Shoutcast v2 Autohash:

1. Go to your Shoutcast v2 server index page. (ex: http://ip:port/index.html)
Centova Cast v3 provides this link in the "Server" group. Click on the "Admin" link.

2. On the top right of the page Click on "Administrator Login"
This is not the same link as the "Admin Login" in the center of the page.

3. You will be prompted to enter a username and password.
The Username is admin and the password is the same as the password you use to login to your control panel.

4. Click on "Create Autohash" link in the middle fo the page.

5. Fill out the station information in the form and Click "Create Autohash"
You must at least chose a Genre and Country.

You have just created your stations autohash. We hope this was a helpful tutorial.

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